Never to Be a Mother: A Guide for All Women Who Didn’t or Couldn’t Have Children (Anton, 1992)

The Baby Matrix: Why Freeing Our Minds from Outmoded Thinking About Parenting and Reproduction Will Create a Better World (Carroll, 2012)

Rocking the Life Unexpected: 12 Weeks to Your Plan B for a Meaningful and Fulfilling Life Without Children (Day, 2013)

Disenfranchised Grief:  New Directions, Challenges, and Strategies for Practice (Edited by Doka, 2002)

Man’s Search for Meaning (Frankl, 1946)

I’m Taking My Eggs and Going Home: How One Woman Dared to Say No to Motherhood (Manterfield, 2011)

Otherhood: Modern Women Finding a New Kind of Happiness (Notkin, 2015)

Silent Sorority (Tsigdinos, 2009)

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